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Hannah Sheflyand

If you cant tell by now, I am an avid follower of Garden & Gun magazine and their online site. All year I have been patiently waiting for their yearly Made in the South Awards and the results are finally in. There is 1 overall winner  and then 1 for each of the 5 categories (Outdoors, Food, Home, Drink, Style & Design) and 3 runners up. I am very happy with all the top picks this year, what do you think?


Outdoors Winner: Bulls Bay OYRO– Wood Fired Oyster Cooker. Made in McClellanville, SC.


Style & Design Winner: Raleigh Denim Workshop. Made in Releigh, NC.


Drink Winner: Kentucky Owl– Bourbon. Made in Bardstown, KY.


Home Winner: M. Callahan Studio– Quilts. Made in Oklahoma City, OK.


My Favorite! Food Winner: Olive & Sinclair– Duck Fat Caramels. Made in Nashville, TN.

If your interested in the stories of any of these great companies or would like to see all the great runners up, check them out here!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays warm. Brian and I will be spending our Sunday warming up at this awesome Turkish Bath House.


Hannah Sheflyand

Have I mentioned how much Brian loves bacon? I have never met some one so in love with pork belly, I believe he loves it more then anything else in the world. Over the weekend, we came across a great addition to our kitchen. Isn’t it a perfect pairing with our clay pig?


Most of the apartment has been equally decorated by me and Brian, but there is definitely a big pig influence creeping in, especially with this and this also in our kitchen.

Here are some other great etsy finds to follow the bacon theme that I have considered adding to our place.




Are you a pork/bacon fan?

I always thought I would decorate the kitchen with different floral arrangements, but now its more food themed. What about your kitchen?

(Items from etsy shops- Mugs, Bacon Soap & Poster)