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Hannah Sheflyand

What a week! Other then this blistering cold, I have had a very busy yet fun week which made it fly by. I woke up about to write a few more posts and realized its already Friday. Truthfully all of December flew by so I am not surprised that another week followed in the same path.

I am not a fan of the winter and the shorter days definitely make me feel moodier and lazier and the way I have found to combat that the easiest is by making plans to be out of the apartment more often. In the summer I usually just enjoy spending the afternoon at the dog park, reading out in the sun while Charlie runs around, but now it is even too cold for that. For this winter, Brian and I have found more small concerts to go to, spend more time out with family doing lunches or dinners and of course lots of Russian sauna dates. Charlie has had the short end of the stick though, while we are away for weekends and when we went to DC and Charleston, my mom very graciously took care of Charlie, and Charlie loves spending time with her, but I feel I don’t put in as much effort in the winter with her. Do you have that same feeling with your animals?

Because I was feeling so guilty I started looking for fun dog activities to do indoors and came across dog ecards (very unproductive session of googling). I cant believe I have never seen these before, and I am probably the last one but I thought I would share my favorites which made me crack up and think of Charlie and my life with her.


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Hannah Sheflyand

After growing out of the trick or treating stage of Halloween I have really not been a fan of the day. Halloween parties come and go and I just never felt that it was worth it to spend money on a costume that I will only wear once. Now animal costumes have become a big thing and I have really enjoyed seeing what others have made for their animals, especially for their dogs.

Some of my favorites are below, especially the Great Dane ones:








I think it would be cute to dress Charlie up, however she is a bit of freak when it comes to seeing anything strange on people or dogs, so she will probably stay home for the evening. I cant wait to see what other clever ideas come up this Halloween?

Are you dressing your animals, kids or yourself up this Halloween?

Hannah Sheflyand

This weekend is already not going as planned. I woke up today even more sick then yesterday, and even though I would love to just spend the whole weekend in bed with hot tea with honey, we are off to Boston for the weekend! I am usually the type of person who plans everything, almost hour by hour, for trips weeks ahead of time, but somehow time has gotten the best of me so I will rush and plan everything as best as I can all tonight.

On a very happy note, our foster dog Moose is getting adopted today! He has been fun to have around but we are all excited he now has a permanent home. Below are some pictures of him from the last few weeks, isnt he adorable:







We will miss you big guy!

I hope the rainy weather for tomorrow will disappear early in the day and we can go bike riding all around town, what about you? What are your plans for the weekend?

Hannah Sheflyand

Its been a very busy week for Brian and I. He started back at school and I have been running around with Charlie and the new foster dog Moose! Brian is also officially moving out of his apartment this weekend so we have been going crazy trying to sell the last of his stuff (if anyone needs some furniture) that is not fitting in our little studio. I wish this would be a nice relaxing weekend but it wont be with everything going on, hopefully next weekend though 🙂

On the up side, this week I have been receiving tons of news and videos filled with Great Dane stories. Have you heard about the Great Dane from Oregon who ate a huge amount of socks and survived? I felt it was a perfect mix between Charlie and my last dog Maggie (who ate everything when left alone). There have also been some very cute pool party videos… I hope watching some will lift your already happy Friday spirits.

Do you have any videos of your dog or kid or whoever swimming? Charlie is deadly afraid of the water so I doubt we will get her into a pool or the beach water for quiet a while.

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S.- The picture at the top of the post is from a hilarious photo book called Underwater Dogs.

Hannah Sheflyand

Even though I wish to be doing this….

photo 1

Or this…. over the weekend,

photo 2

We have had a very busy summer filled with classes and small weekend adventures (some here & here), so we will most likely be spending the weekend at home, organizing, hanging out with Charlie and the foster dog (picture below) and just relaxing.


How are you spending your long weekend? Any fun adventures planned?

Charlie The Dane

Hannah’s foot is finally healed up and we can now go out and explore. Its been a long few months where we couldn’t go hiking which means my exercise was mostly at the dog park and running with Brian. As long as I am exercised every day I am a happy puppy but I especially love running off leash out in the wild. We had the opportunity to spend last weekend up in the Catskills and had a good time just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Hannah took a lot of photos and I wanted to share them, especially the many she took of me. Hope you enjoy!




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Charlie The Dane

We have a Roomba at home to help clean up all the hair that I shed. I wish I was small enough to ride around on it but found this video to be hugely entertaining.

Hannah raves about the Roomba all the time to the point of me being a little jealous. While browsing the internet with her today I was happy to find that she is somewhat normal compared to all these other pet parents.

What do you think of this hilarious article?

Hannah Sheflyand

Getting back to work after spending 4 days at home is tough. I am missing my Charlie and just want to be back at home cuddling up with her again. To make myself feel better I started searching through Etsy for some more Great Dane memorabilia. How cute is this stuff? I am running out of wall space…








(1st photo- PopDoggie; 2nd GreenNest; 3rd BlackInkArtz; Last 3 BarkArtPortraits)