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Charlie The Dane

We have a Roomba at home to help clean up all the hair that I shed. I wish I was small enough to ride around on it but found this video to be hugely entertaining.

Hannah raves about the Roomba all the time to the point of me being a little jealous. While browsing the internet with her today I was happy to find that she is somewhat normal compared to all these other pet parents.

What do you think of this hilarious article?

Charlie The Dane

Since it has been decided that we will continue living in this small apartment until the move down to Charleston, Hannah determined we need to have some serious spring cleaning done. Not only has  the place been cleaned like new, that even my precious drool spots on the wall are gone, but everything has been reorganized and replaced.

This spring cleaning, unfortunately, got even more intense and started a very ruff day for me when Hannah noticed that my dog bed was smelling a little too strong for her. Read more…