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Hannah Sheflyand

Did you watch the Oscars last night? We dont have cable, or even a tv, so I missed out but had been following as much as I could online. I was mesmerized by the performance with John Legend and Common. This song won Best Original Song and it is evident why.

Did you have a chance to watch this year? What did you think of all the musical performances?

My other favorites were Everything is Awesome by Tegan & Sara and then Lost Stars by Maroon 5.

Hannah Sheflyand

This is not my usual listen to music but for some reason this song was stuck in my head all weekend. Only then did I decide to look up the music video and it made me reminisce of college and too many parties and a lot of late fun nights. It was enjoyable to think about those times, but I am also very happy they are in the past.

I truthfully know very little about the one man band Outasite other then the whole album is filled with a lot of fun, catchy songs and most of it is free if your an Amazon Prime member (see here).

I hope listening to this song helps put a smile on your face and lets you reminisce of your last great night out, whether it was this past Saturday, a month ago, or even years ago. Either way its a fun listen.