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Hannah Sheflyand

I was holding on to this song for a while really wanting to share it but never knowing how to fully explain what this song and album mean to me. There would never be Music Monday posts if it wasn’t for this album, there truthfully would probably not be this website if not for it too. I was never really into music, I would listen to whatever was popular on the radio at the time, but that would be as far as I would go into being interested to a song or an artist. Things drastically changed mostly due to this album.

When I first started dating Brian he was on a break from school so we had a lot of time and energy to spend each afternoon running around and planning crazy dates and being up until all hours. Once his winter break ended and he started having classes after work it started to get a little tough for both of us to find ways of spending good quality time together but not having to drive somewhere far to do so.

One evening we decided to make our first dinner together and just hang out on the couch and relax. I am one who gets pretty uncomfortable with quiet pauses in conversation but Brian put on some music in the background and it made everything feel just perfect. When we were finished with dinner, Brian put Help Wanted Nights, by the Good Life, on his record player and we laid down and cuddled up and just relaxed. There was nothing to concentrate on other then each other and the music, it was such a simple yet beautiful way to spend an hour. That was when I knew I was falling in love with this amazing guy laying by my side.

Listening to something on vinyl compared to the radio or pandora does make a difference, some people say it has to do with sound quality (I truthfully cannot tell), I think it has to do with the fact that you have to actively listen to the music since it doesn’t just keep going and going. It made me start appreciating what was playing in the background and started my love for music again.

By this point Brian and I have probably over done it, we have hundred of records stored away in all the possible storage spots in the tiny studio apartment but I would not have it any other way. To this day whenever either of us has had an overwhelming day we just put on a record (usually the Good Life or Jason Isbell), cuddle up and just listen.

I hope you enjoyed my little story and this beautiful song. Have a fabulous Monday and a great week!

P.S.- Love you Brian!

Hannah Sheflyand

I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday break. Brian and I had a whirlwind of fun visiting family and then getting away for a few days, I will share a lot more tomorrow.

We spent a lot of our time driving to and from family and after running out of podcasts we switched over to pandora and our music collection. My favorite was listening to She & Him’s album, Classics, which is filled with soothing remedies and perfect for holiday listening (their Christmas album is pretty awesome too!). I was really happy to find out they produced a very cute music video with one of my favorite songs “Stay Awhile.”

What do you think?

How were your holidays and New Years?

Hannah Sheflyand

This amazing band is from Toronto. I first heard this song in the movie Like Crazy and since then I have been a huge fan and love everything they make. When Brian and I first started dating we had a bit of a clash on our music style, but funny enough, we both have heard about the Stars before and both really enjoy listening to them even though neither of us usually like this style of music. This song and music video is from their album Five Ghosts (and also an awesome vinyl collection). However the band has also just recently come out with a new album No One is Lost, which is equally amazing.

For a small band they have produced a good amount of music videos and I find theirs to be refreshing since they don’t focus on the band them self and are rarely in the videos. Instead they use their music and display a story, which is more of what I imagine in my head when I am listening to music, and enjoy watching too.

What do you think? Isn’t this song so sad and sweet?

Hannah Sheflyand

I am super excited that all my favorite artists have been coming out with new albums this year. To add another one to the list is Blake Mills with his new album Heigh Ho, that comes out tomorrow (I am excited to receive the vinyl tomorrow from Amazon)!!! If you have not heard any of his music this is your chance to go explore. Blake Mills is an amazing guitarist, who has played and collaborated with FIona Apple, Beck, Lana Del Rey,Neil Diamond and more, but the previews of the songs from this upcoming album also highlight how great of a songwriter he really is.

Take a listen and let me know what you think!

Hannah Sheflyand

Brian and I had a great date night this weekend. We headed to Williamsburg and had a wonderful dinner at Xixa (pronounced Shiksa), I am now convinced to always try the chefs taste menu when possible. I have been to a few concerts and enjoy listening to live music, but never was a huge fan. Until after dinner where we went to Rough Trade and saw the Cave Singers. Neither Brian or I can figure out whether it was the intimacy of the venue (there was less then 60 people there) or the band themselves but it was amazing and I hope we can find other bands that will replicate this type of experience.

The venue- Rough Trade

The venue- Rough Trade

This song/video above is from the Cave Singers debut album Invitation Songs. It is a perfect example of the bands music and the amazing energy they bring to every song. I am a huge fan of their album No Witch, but this tour is to promote Naomi. The video below is a compilation of a few of their songs from this new album which we heard during the concert. I highly recommend you take a listen.

We have a busy week and actually get to go to another concert tonight to see Shovels & Rope!

How was your weekend? Relaxing or busy? Any exciting plans for the week?

Hannah Sheflyand

I have really been enjoying researching and listening to a variety of music so that I can develop these Music Monday posts. It has been a very hectic week and will be for another week (and then hopefully I get a breather) and unfortunately I was not able to get some new music up for today. Below is a summary of some of the past posts that can hopefully make up for the lack of a new one. Enjoy and hope you have a great week!

Country: Deer Tick, Amanda Shires (and one with her husband), Jason Isbell (+1 more), Shovels & Rope (+1 more), Striking Matches & Sera Cahoone

Indie: Lumineers, National, Postal Service, Two Gallants, Bright Eyes & Ingrid Michaelson

Rock: Ryan Adams, Mountain Goats & Palaxy Tracks

Hannah Sheflyand

This song came on Pandora in the middle of our quiet Saturday afternoon and it made both me and Brian just start dancing. The Lumineers have a lot of catchy songs like Ho Hey and Stubborn Love, but so far Big Parade has been my favorite.

I hope you can have some time for a listen (and maybe a secret little dance).

What other songs or bands help get you in the mood for some dancing around the house? Another favorite of mine for that is any music by the Gorillaz.

Hannah Sheflyand

Its finally here!!! Shovel & Rope album Swimmin’ Time is finally out. After work I will be running to our favorite record store and picking up the vinyl copy and will probably spend the next few days just listening to it over and over again. Shovels & Rope already released a music video for their new album as well and it just proves how awesome this record really is. They stick true to their southern twang rock music and make me love them even more.

What do you think? Have you listened to them before?

I am still truly in love with their song Birmingham!

Hannah Sheflyand

I don’t know how this band has not come up yet being that it is my all time favorite for listening on rainy or gloomy days, but now is my chance. I am a proud owner of every single album they have on vinyl and there is not one single song I dislike. If you need an album to just mellow out to then Trouble Will Find Me is perfect, even though Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers is a close second.

I find this song and this music video to be simple but beautiful and perfect. Have a listen! What do you think?

Hannah Sheflyand

Over the weekend I bought Ingrid Michaelson’s new record Lights Out and after I finished listening to that album, it got me into the mood to listen to all of her albums. It’s been an Ingrid Michaelson weekend jam session, Brian is not too pleased but he loves me anyway. Ingrid’s music definitely has indie style but it is much more light hearted and relaxed, the perfect read a book on the porch or pre-dinner party type of listening. Although she has come out with a ton of great music, she does not have too many music videos to choose from, but Blood Brothers sticks out, mostly for its uniqueness and originality.

What do you think?

If you like this music video, you should definitely listen to more of her. My favorite is her cover of Cant Help Falling in Love (Elvis’ version vs Ingrid’s version).

She is also on tour and will be in NYC for SummerStage on July 30!