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I hope everyone has a fun Halloween whether they stay home or go out! I am usually more of a stay-home-and-watch-the-cute-outfits-through-my-window kind of participant for Halloween but it is also the birthday to someone special in my life so I am off to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Papa! Cant wait to spend the evening and many more with you.





Have a great weekend!

Hannah Sheflyand

After growing out of the trick or treating stage of Halloween I have really not been a fan of the day. Halloween parties come and go and I just never felt that it was worth it to spend money on a costume that I will only wear once. Now animal costumes have become a big thing and I have really enjoyed seeing what others have made for their animals, especially for their dogs.

Some of my favorites are below, especially the Great Dane ones:








I think it would be cute to dress Charlie up, however she is a bit of freak when it comes to seeing anything strange on people or dogs, so she will probably stay home for the evening. I cant wait to see what other clever ideas come up this Halloween?

Are you dressing your animals, kids or yourself up this Halloween?

Hannah Sheflyand

I have been inspired after our short vacation to Vermont to write about some great weekend getaways. I always believed that for me to feel refreshed and count a getaway as a vacation I needed to travel far and exotically. Yes vacations far away are great, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the little weekend getaways Brian and I have taken and they have been a refreshing change of pace to our everyday hectic lives and I thought it would be great to share some of our favorites and the great things that await when you get there.

First up is Woodstock, NY up in the Catskill mountains. This is a perfect weekend retreat in the summer if you want to get away from the extreme heat of New York and is a great romantic getaway in the fall with all the color changes and fall scenery. Woodstock is about a 2-3 hour drive from NYC and the same for a bus ride from Port Authority ($56.00 Round-trip).

woodstock inn 2

Once you get up there, there are many accommodation options, just understand there are no 5 star hotels, but my favorite is definitely the Woodstock Inn on the Mainstream.

woodstock inn

The prices for rooms are great, there is plenty of gorgeous views from the inn and the biggest perk is that the inn is still very close to everything in town.


Before Brian and I book anything, we first look for the places we will be able to eat in town. The #1 must stop place in Woodstock is the Garden Cafe on the Green. All the food is local, organic, freshly prepared and most importantly, DELICIOUS!


Even though breakfast is provided at the inn, a great spot for something warm, comforting and yummy, Bread Alone is great to take a break and grab a loaf or pastry. Bread Alone now is sold all around New York State, but there is nothing compared to grabbing a fresh warm slice of bread from the direct source.


There are many great cafes all over town, and all in waking distance, but if your still stuck on where to go, my other favorites are Yum Yum Noodle Bar and Oriole9. The Noodle Bar is a romantic little shop with a great menu that changes daily depending on the fresh ingredients available. There is now a Yum Yum food truck and many more shops opening all over NY state. Oriole 9 is a great healthy restaurant, operated by a sweet couple who strive to keep all their ingredients local and organic, and have only delicious food leaving the kitchen. Have you noticed the pattern here with food?


If you want to just have a relaxing weekend without many plans then you will be more then satisfied with just hanging out near the inn or checking out the little shops in town and just relax. If you want something a little more intense then I would highly suggest hiking up Overlook Mountain. It starts at the Buddhist Temple which is also a great little stop, but continues up the mountain for about 2.5 miles until you hit the top where there is an abandoned hotel and a fun water tower to climb and an amazingly beautiful view.


Whether you go on the hike or not, there is always an excuse to spend a few hours at the spa and River Rock Spa is the place to stop at. This spa is not very big but it is intimate and super comfortable with many options for spa packages.

It is so hard to fit all of Woodstock into one weekend, I have now been multiple times and still cant get enough. I am hoping that Brian and I will go spend a weekend there in September and enjoy the fall weather at its best.

What do you think of Woodstock, NY? Have you been before, if not would you consider spending a day or two there?

Hannah Sheflyand

Have you tried out restaurant week in your city? New York now has one twice a year, sometime in the winter and then at the end of July. What started as restaurant week is now usually 2-4 weeks long depending on what city is doing it. I have not been to New Jersey’s restaurant week but will be looking out for it the next time it comes around. Restaurant week is the ideal situation where you can go to specified restaurants for a 3 course meal at a fixed price of $25 for lunch and $38 for dinner. I find it a great deal because a lot of the restaurants are on the high end and I would probably not go for a usual dinner, but now it is at a reasonable cost that I can afford.

I have used the excuse of living in New Jersey to hinder me from traveling across the river and taking advantage of these deals, but not this summer!

Last week my lovely little sister joined me on a date night to Telepan Local. The restaurant has the perfect atmosphere for a farm to table restaurant establishment. The dishes offered for the restaurant week menu had a great variety and ended up being all delicious. My favorite was their cooked marrow bone over light toast, my sister preferred their sourdough pizzette. I was really happy to get the opportunity to try out the restaurant for these prices and will highly consider heading back to Telepan in the near future.

photo 1

My bone marrow dish- So Yummy!!!

photo 2

A quick snap of us after dinner. Do we look like siblings?

This week Brian and I are heading to Hakkasan on Tuesday and then to Aureole on Thursday. I feel spoiled with all these evenings out and will indulge the blog world with the experience of it all by next week.

Do you think its worth trying out a restaurant through this deal? Have you been to one before?

Hannah Sheflyand

It was inevitable for it to rain at some point after all this beautiful weather, so this Saturday we will try to enjoy the last of the beautiful weather but once the rain starts I plan on hoarding myself away with some books. Both Brian and I have been super busy with everything from work and school to the apartment and Charlie and have not had much time to just lay out, relax and enjoy a good book… until this weekend. It is odd but I am very excited to have absolutely no plans other then reading.

The last book I read which I would highly recommend is Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Once I finished with Goldfinch I was at a loss for what to read next and was happy that we now have tons of options to get ideas.

My first place to check out was What I Should Read Next. You type in a title or author of a recent book you enjoyed and the website pulls up other books that you might find interesting. I have now used the site a few times and have always found something interesting to read. An example of what appears when I typed in Goldfinch is below…


Another great place to find ideas of what to read next is Underground New York Public Library. This is a blog filled of photos of people reading all over New York City and have given me a bunch of ideas on what to read. See below…





And the last one I wanted to share I just found today on which is a funny flow chart on everything that is better to read then 50 Shades of Grey (click the link to get the full flow chart).

What do you think of these different ways to get some good book ideas? Any recommendations on what I should I indulge in next?

Here is the list of books I have ready to go for this weekend…

download (2)

Relish– a memoir written in comic form

download (1)

Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls– Sedaris’ latest cant put down book


The Mockingbird Next Door– the first in depth biography on Harper Lee

download (3)

Guns Germs and Steel– I am a little late on the hype but happy to take some time and finally read it

I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets some time to read a good book!

Hannah Sheflyand

Sorry for not posting as much this week, it has been a hectic work week. I cant believe tomorrow is the first day of summer and just 3 months ago we were all stuck indoors complaining about the bitter weather. I get to spend this weekend and my birthday on Monday relaxing with Brian and Charlie. We hope to spend as much time as possible outside in the warm summer weather without school or work in our way. For all my New Yorkers- I found a collaborative SCHEDULE for outdoor movies throughout the NYC 5 boroughs. For New Jersey there is also some options and with a great view of the NYC skyline- click HERE. I am hoping to go this weekend. What do you look forward to doing on warm summer evenings?

Hannah Sheflyand


The Mouth is a great online store filled with indie goodies from all over New York. Since Brian has been taking such good care of me since my surgery, I got him a little thank you gift, the Big Jerk gift bag filled with a variety of jerkies. Both of us loved it so much, I thought it would be a perfect add on to the Fathers Day gift list I thought of before.

If you are a late planner and still have not thought of any gifts for your dad, here is your last minute save.



This store is filled with so many choices that even the pickiest or most spoiled Dad will still find something to buy. Let them pick by ordering a gift card and printing it straight from home.


Have you found the perfect gift for your dad? Or you a big procrastinator like me?

Hannah Sheflyand

I think everyone will always remember the moment and what they were doing when the first plane hit the world trade center. I was pretty young and in school when it happened. What a tragic day it was, especially for those in New York City.

It has been a long time coming but the 9/11 memorial museum has officially opened to the public today. Tickets can be bought online and there is even a free admission night on Tuesdays from 5pm to 8pm (its recommended to preorder those tickets as well).

I went to the memorial park last fall and really enjoyed what they have done with space, you can now even visit there virtually. I am waiting until the excitement dims down before I visit. What about you?

image (2)


image (3)

image (1)

These photos and more can be found on Refinery29