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Hannah Sheflyand

I am not sure if you have noticed, but Brian has a grumpy look all the time when it comes to photos (otherwise he is the opposite of a grump). We were looking through photographs over the weekend, just to relax and reminisce, and noticed that even if Brian was having a fabulous time he always has the grumpy face. Brian says that I don’t smile enough for photos, because of the Russian in me, but I finally have a compilation of photos as proof that he is the one that needs to smile more.


unnamed (1)






IMG_0004We enjoyed a few laughs looking through all these and Brian has given me full permission to embarrass him for this post.

Do you have a signature look or side for photos? I just smile as much as I can whenever I see a camera looking my way.

Hannah Sheflyand

It will still be a while before we actually move down south but last weekend we spent some time trying to plan out all the steps we will need to take. To start, updating our resumes and begin networking. Since the weather was perfect for some outdoor time, we went to take some head shots for Brian’s LinkedIn profile. I am still working out the kinks of using my DSLR camera but I think it wasn’t bad for my first time with head shots.

What do you think of the photos below? Which do you think would be a good one for his profile?





My top pick for his profile.


My favorite goofy pic.

It was great to spend some time outside and it was fun to take silly photos of Brian. Isn’t he so handsome?

Hannah Sheflyand

I wanted to get some more inspiration for animal photography after my hike with Charlie the other day and came across this adorable website filled with photographs of Maddie on Things.

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Its so inspiring to see such beautiful photos and a very well behaved dog. I wish Charlie would stand so still, maybe some training is due for her in the near future.

The photographer behind all these photos, Theron Humphrey, also worked on a great project called Why We Rescue. Check out all the amazing photos he has to offer.