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Hannah Sheflyand

Our studio apartment is small and a little crowded with Charlie, furniture and many nick naks. I try to keep the place organized to help keep the space open but I learned that there was one great trick to bring some light and happiness…

Fresh Flowers!

When I do my weekly food shopping I started the routine of picking up a bouquet of flowers and what a difference it has made. I love walking into our apartment every day and seeing a beautiful pop of color and changing it around every week.


I know this isn’t the newest idea when it comes to design but I love it.

Do you add fresh flowers into your home? What do you think of the idea?

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Hannah Sheflyand

Right after Labor Day weekend, my house plants got the memo that summer has officially ended and they have all started dying. I knew it was inevitable but I hoped there would be a few more weeks of beautiful green colors and herby fragrances that would come from my window sill. The only reasonable thing to do is start shopping for some more plants 🙂

I have really enjoyed my air plants and the ease of care and would really like to get some more… etsy to the rescue!


This is a gorgeous stained glass air plant holder from Glassetc. I love the bright green and think it would be the perfect pop of color to help get through the gloomy winter.


I am slowly running out of wall space for hanging stuff and this will be the perfect solution since I can hang it right from the ceiling. I love the pop of the Pink on the sea urchins that PetitBeast offers.


Another great option when there is little wall space available. This terrarium from Waen doesnt have a pop of color like I am usually pulled to, but I love the neutral geometric shape and think it would look great on any ones office desk and perfect for storing an air plant.


This style of recycled barn wood is very close to the air plant holders I have now, which is a great reason to get another matching set like this one from Triple7recycled.

I know that there have been a lot of plant related posts but I am on kick when it comes to anything green and living in our apartment. I am dreading the cold grey winter to come and hope all these ideas will help keep our space colorful and full of life.

Have you done any plant shopping recently? Any other ideas to help liven up small apartment spaces?

Hannah Sheflyand

A few weeks ago I posted about the easy home care of a few of my favorite plants but then I never had a chance to post anything about the plants in my home. I wanted to share how easy it is to bring some green into your house with very little care. I used to not be able to keep anything alive for more then a few weeks, either by over or under watering and not putting them in the proper environment, but with just a little research everything in our place has been flourishing.


I love my ferns but it took a little experimentation on the watering schedule and the sunlight for these guys. If you look at the baby fern one side is all brown because the first week I had them I put the plants into too much sun. I have learned my lesson and once they were moved the ferns started flourishing. If you want more info on the care of these guys check out my easy how-to on them here.


I am also super proud of my herb box. I used to grow herbs out on the porch but this apartment doesn’t have one so I hoped that indoor direct sunlight would be enough and I got lucky! We now have lemongrass, chives, mint, thyme and many more growing at fast speed. We cant even catch up and use them enough in our kitchen. Have you grown any herbs indoors?


My aloe plant is by far the easiest plant to keep alive and it has been very useful. After my foot surgery I used the sap inside the leaves as a homeopathic spread over the wound to help heal it and keep it from over drying.


I am the most proud for not only keeping my orchids alive but for actually getting them to re-bloom. I honestly thought that once you buy an orchid from the store and the flowers finally wilt that the orchid will never re-bloom but that is definitely not the case. It takes a little extra work but these guys can re-bloom for many years.


Another very easy to take care of plant is the air plant. Just a soak once a week keeps these guys healthy and bring a great pop of green to the room. The beauty of these plants is that even if you miss a week all you need to do when you remember is to give them a little extra soak.


Easy to care for plants are really my trend. Its not that I dont have the time to commit for something a little more serious but it just seems no matter how closely I follow the instructions any plant that is fragile dies on me. Luckily the cacti are practically the opposite of fragile. We have one plopped on our table near the window.


And this one spends most of its time at Brian’s work. He has a special little light for it and its so easy to take care of that even Brian has kept this one alive for over a year.

I am hoping that all these plants stay strong through the winter, but I know that is doubtful with the little sun we will have for many months. The death of some will bring an opportunity and space to have more variety of plants into the house and I am excited to have a chance to play around with some hardier, less sun friendly, plants in the next few months.

What about you? Do you have any luck keeping plants alive through the winter?

P.S.- Thorough how-to on taking care of the following plants: ferns, aloe, cacti, orchids & air plants.


Hannah Sheflyand

If you need a plant that you can forget to water, needs little light and still looks gorgeous in your place then Ferns are your answer. I got a few of them for my birthday and could not imagine my apartment without them, the plants bring such a rich green color and new life to the place.


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Hannah Sheflyand

Growing up our house was filled with lots of different plants but for some reason I didn’t see an indoor cactus plant until I lived in California. In warmer weather these plants grow like weeds, but on the north east coast there is a little extra care needed to keep these guys alive. Compared to air plants or orchids, succulents are super easy to take care. I have been very happy to add some into our apartment.



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Hannah Sheflyand

I often have one or two orchid plants potted somewhere in my house. Over the years I have had way too many of these die on me, or thats what I thought. They often are fully bloomed when I receive them, and a month later the flowers fall off, the flowers never return, and the plant ends up in the garbage. Does this sound like a familiar situation to others?

If only I took the time to research how to bring back these beautiful flowers back to life, I think my place would have been filled with them by now.

There are more then 30,000 species of orchids but the ones most often found in most homes are Phalaenopsis or Dendrobium.


Phalaenopsis- these have round flowers with a big lip and each stalk has a separate root system


Dendrobium- these plants have smaller flowers that grow in rows up the stalk of the plant

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Hannah Sheflyand

I would like to try something new and do a weekly topic once in a while on the blog, and hopefully get Brian more involved with it as well.

I thought Indoor Plants would be a great first topic.

We live in a small apartment, and by that I mean teany tiny, add a huge dog into the mix, and the place feels even smaller. Decorating with brighter color posters and paintings has helped a little but after a lot of experimentation I have found that adding a few plants into the mix has made a huge difference.

First up: Tillandsia (aka Air Plant)

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Hannah Sheflyand

I went to the farmers market over the weekend looking for some new plants but there were not a lot of options.

I did find some organic herb plants and since I had to work with soil to plant the herbs into new pots, I decided it was time to repot my older plants as well. I also helped my mom work on her garden boxes which were filled with kale, garlic, tomatoes and squash. I never believed people who told me getting my hands dirty in soil is therapeutic… but they were right. I felt very calm and relaxed after my weekend filled with playing in the soil.


My cacti and other succulents


I am so happy that this ivy never dies


New plant in my collection


All my new herbs that I am very excited about: arugula, chives, basil & more

I am happy with how the window looks now with all the extra green. I am super excited though to have plants that I can incorporate into the kitchen. Hopefully I will find some more herb plants in the next few weeks and squeeze some more room on the ledge.