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Hannah Sheflyand

I love the rain, but you know who doesn’t? Charlie. Every time I have to drag her out into the rain, and then bring her home and have to endure the wet dog smell, I vow to myself I will buy her a raincoat.

Here are some ridiculously cute raincoats that Charlie will probably look pathetic in but I will torture her with anyway.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.15.25 PM

My favorite: Mountaineering Raincoat, $31


I will most likely be getting this raincoat for Charlie since Kyjen has great quality products: Outward Hound Designer Rain Jacket, $45


I think Charlie would “enjoy” this one the most but it’s a little pricey: Great Dane Raincoat, $111


Brian promised that if I buy this one for Charlie, he will get a tracksuit to match: Full Body Raincoat, $110


Hannah Sheflyand

I made a promise to myself and to Charlie that once the weather was warmer we would try to get out and move more. Especially since injuring my foot I have let laziness take control of my exercise habits. So even though it was a rainy few days, I decided to make the best of it and off to Ramapo Reservation we went, and in the end was very happy that we did.

Here are some photos of our rainy adventure:




We found this set up during our hike, Charlie like hopping though it.

We found this set up during our hike, Charlie like hopping though it.

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