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Hannah Sheflyand

After I broke my toe, and especially after my surgery, my right foot was very sensitive to the type of shoes I wore. I mostly switched back and forth between a pair of Toms and Birkenstocks. Miraculously one day my toe went from super sore to feeling all good, and even though heels are still out of the questions, I wanted to get myself a pretty pair of shoes that would get me through the rest of summer and into fall without hurting my toe again.

I fell in love with the comfiest cutest pair of shoes and wanted to share. I found them in Nordstrom, called BP Tara Wedge. What do you think?


What is your routine for cleaning out your closet? Since we have very little closet space I have started my own policy where every time I bring something new into the closet I donate something else. Which in this case means I will be getting rid of a pair of shoes, now I just need to choose one. What about you?

Hannah Sheflyand

I grew up in a big house with my own room and a lot of closet space, and as a girl, I always strived to have that closet packed to the brim. Now Brian and I share a studio apartment with one dresser and one small closet to split our clothes between the two of us. It was a challenge at first but after donating a lot of unnecessary clothing and then some reorganization we have been making it work for about a year now.


However I looked into our closet earlier this week and realized it was in need of some reorganizing. There were hangers tangled everywhere, clothes falling from the top and shoes all over the floor. I was in shock when I realized how bad it had become without me doing something with it before.

SONY DSCI was looking through to find how I could make our closet a little easier to navigate and everyone recommended some Ultra Thin Velvet Hangers. I bought the one above and donated all the ones below (just the size of all these plastic hangers took up too much space).


After just an hour of cleaning up and putting in the new hangers, it felt like we had a new closet (and some extra space for more clothes)!


I always feel like I need to do some more clothes shopping as a reward gift for myself after tackling small projects like this.

What do you think? Have you done any clothes purging or closet organizing recently?

Hannah Sheflyand

Yesterday was our first sailing class! It was definitely an overload on new terminology but I have no doubt that some prep work and studying will do the trick. This weekend we will get to spend time out on the water on a 24ft sailboat and then hopefully be certified to sail on our own by Sunday evening.

The first thing we learned in class is that our wardrobes need a little boost when it comes to sailing. This week Brian and I will be on the lookout for a good amount of items we need before we hit sail.

Regulars shoes or going barefoot is really not preferable. Deck shoes have razor cut soles, which are special slits that open as the foot flexes and allows the shoe to grip on a wet deck, and keeps you from busting your ass. Most shoes also have dark soles that can mark the deck which is a no-no. I thought it would be pretty easy to find but I think both Brian and I are pickier then we thought.

Untitled 4

Henri Lloyd shoes look great and they have sizes for both men and women. These Valencia Leather shoes are my favorite and are highly rated.


Another great variety that steps away from the typical deck shoe look is the Octoskins. I like them because they are a little more feminine then the shoes I was considering before.

Both Brian and I wear glasses and see pretty poorly without them but on the boat there is a fear of having them fall off, so as dorky as they look, we will both be wearing glass keepers on all our future sails.


Chums makes a very simple and cheap glasses keeper and it comes in a variety of colors which I think is a perk to such a goofy look.


I think Brian will prefer a pair of Croakies since they look a little more macho. Which do you think will look better on us?

Most of your time on the sailboat is spent looking up at the sails which also means looking up into the sun. Hats unfortunately are not flattering on me or Brian, but it is a must when you are out on the water.


I don’t think Brian will agree to wearing a visor, but I love the Gil Visor, especially with the little cord to hold the glasses keeper.

And last but not least are sailing gloves. The sailing classes list these as optional, but with my little frail hands I am not even considering going without them. Brian thinks the opposite of me regarding the gloves and is going to go without them for the first weekend and just see how he feels.


There are companies that offer more feminine version with pink or purple, but every sailing blog out there has mentioned how amazing the Gil Deckhand Gloves are and I will be picking the perfect fit later today.

I feel once we have these items figured out, and I pick the outfit and the shoes (or these shoes), we will be ready to go.

We are both very excited and cant wait to share our adventures, as long as we pass :)!!!

Hannah Sheflyand

I love summer, not only for the warm weather, but because everyone brings out their A game when it comes to style. It is also when my wallet is the least happiest because I am trying to catch up on the new styles and I overfill my wardrobe. I come to the blog world hoping that you can help me make a decision on the next pair of shoes I should keep.

These are all Sperry Boat Shoes, super comfortable and cute. I wish I could keep them all but unfortunately I can only pick one. What do you think? Which do you like the most?

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

Hannah Sheflyand

Brian and I signed up for sailing classes! I apologize in advance, as the classes get closer I will end up posting a lot as my excitement grows.

As everyone is starting to wear more summer clothes I am in the mood to buy some classic style summer shoes (not sandals), especially since right now I cant wear shoes at all. With my new admiration with sailing these are the few pairs I have been contemplating on buying. What do you think? What are your favorite shoes/sandals to wear during the warm summer months?


Top image of Arthur Ravenel Bridge in Charleston by Etsy shop OurFamilyPhoto