The weather for the weekend looks great so I hope everyone will get to enjoy some outdoor time.¬†After last week’s busy long weekend, I am ok with just spending this one on the couch. Do you ever need a recovery period after a trip away from home? If you would like to reminisce my trip to Montreal with me and Brian, I would love to share some of our photos.

We were able to rent bikes and ride all over town. Brian enjoyed being silly while photos were being taken.


This is my younger sister Nicole. She tagged along with us and was a great sport.

photo 1

Nicole had a camera lens that formats all photos to fish eye. We played around with it while waiting for some delicious breakfast.


Brian had a craving for southern food and got lucky that one of the brunch places offered Chicken & Waffles.


The downtown area of Montreal was beautiful and filled with cute little boutiques and a ton of cafes.


Nicole took this picture as we were strolling through Old Montreal.

I think I am starting to enjoy these 3 day trips away, maybe the next one will be to Boston or Philadelphia. How about you, any trips planned?