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Hannah Sheflyand

Did you watch the Oscars last night? We dont have cable, or even a tv, so I missed out but had been following as much as I could online. I was mesmerized by the performance with John Legend and Common. This song won Best Original Song and it is evident why.

Did you have a chance to watch this year? What did you think of all the musical performances?

My other favorites were Everything is Awesome by Tegan & Sara and then Lost Stars by Maroon 5.

Hannah Sheflyand

I am motivated to make this week as productive and cheerful and stress free as possible. I heard this song this morning and think its the perfect way to start a Monday. Its cheerful, catchy and inspiring in many ways. Just listening to this song made me rush to the computer to download her whole, Sing to the Moon, album.

Take a listen! Does it not make you have a rush of energy to complete the daunting task waiting for you?