I hate reality tv…. I am more into watching shows like Boardwalk Empire, House of Cards and Homeland, yet something really draws me to the craziness of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. I started watching during the Bachelorette season with Ashley Hebert and enjoyed it for all the eye candy plus the cute personality of Ashley. To this day I am definitely more of a fan of the Bachelorette compared to the Bachelor because there is less drama, the guys picked are always so hot and it seems a lot less awkward.

This season of the Bachelor just started last week, is with Chris Soules, the supposedly enormously successful farmer from Iowa (If any readers know, I am really interested, how does a farmer become enormously successful?). He seems like the pretty average midwesterner which means we can expect a lot more craziness from the girls to make up for it and just in the last 2 episodes, it has not disappointed. Brian has even secretly (and almost enjoyingly) started watching with me. Having a second person watch with me has made it more enjoyable, especially because I have someone to joke and gossip with about the girls with the “crazy eyes”, the big boobs and cute personalities. I can almost understand why people throw weekly Bachelor TV viewing parties… almost.

I did find it interesting that many avid watchers have started a fantasy football style game, many do it on their own, but my favorite is The Bachelor Bracket, where the girls you picked and the actions they take gain you points through each episode. I am not part of one these games but think it would be interesting to do in a future season. Are you a Bachelor/ Bachelorette viewer? Have you ever participated in one?

Its too early to really tell much about the girls this season but here are a few of Brian and my favorites that we think will make it to the end.


Britt- the waitress who seems to actually have a conversation without saying like in every sentence or act too ditsy.

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Ashley I- the journalist from north NJ who claims she is a virgin and never had a boyfriend before.

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Kaitlyn- the dance instructor who seems super confident about herself in not a vain way.

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& Kelsey- From Austin, I just like her.

Any junky TV that you are a huge fan of?