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Hannah Sheflyand

Do you feel like all of your interactions with friends and family have become a bunch of texts and emails? I did not even notice it until recently when I started needing help with wedding planning. Texts are great for quick messages or little reminders but I have started to really enjoy spending even just a few minutes catching up on the phone. I was enjoying these conversations more and more that I started looking into getting myself a little stationary so I can start writing letters and show those that are most important to me that I took the extra effort to write a note to them.

Then Brian and I started looking for wedding stationary and wow was I blown away by everything out there. I am pretty happy that both of us wanted to go with something fairly simple so picking the stationary went quickly and smoothly. However for myself the options are limitless and I cant decide.

Garden & Gun wrote a great article on the etiquette of stationary for both him and her and what should be sitting on your desk. I thought it was a great starter to help figure out what I should order for me, and maybe Brian too 🙂 Read more…

Hannah Sheflyand

The minute I am home I am running to get under my blankets and trying to warm up. No matter how many layers of clothing I wear I feel the only way I really warm up is under many layers of blankets.

This does not mean I don’t enjoy browsing those next possible layers of clothes to wear. My favorites this winter:


Endless Shirt, $78, I love baggy shirts and like how long and lean it looks.


Cashmere Tunic, $298, this is great for a pop of color in the gloomy winter, and warm to boot. Maybe if it goes on sale it can end up in my closet 🙂


Cashmere Pocket Hoodie, $288, the tomboy in me really loves this hoodie, Brians voice in me says its not the most flattering, but probably very warm and comfy which is why I would still throw it in my sweater collection.

Any awesome new finds that were added to your closet recently? I would love to hear.

Some of my want lists in the past here, here, here and here!

Hannah Sheflyand

I love how this comic perfectly makes fun of dogs while still accurately portraying what every dog owner is thinking.


Untitled 2

Untitled 4

Untitled 5

Untitled 6

Untitled 7

The above are my favorite parts but the full comic can be seen on TheOatmeal. He has also turned it into a fun read through book.

Sometimes the pictures and words are a little vulgar, but in the end still very funny. Have you read through his comics before? Another favorite is his Bobcats series.

Hannah Sheflyand

Even though I feel like it was just yesterday that we were swimming in lakes and basking in nice 80 degree summer weather, fall has arrived (technically on the 22nd). I will not be giving up on keeping summer around even if the temperature outside is finally dropping. Brian and I will be heading to the beach on Saturday and the perk of summer season being over is that we can take the dogs along with us. This will be an interesting adventure as Charlie and the foster dog Moose have not spent more then 10 minutes in the car together, and tomorrow the drive will be about 80 minutes. Wish us luck!

We will then be spending the evening at a Cave Singers concert!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

My cover photo for a post a few weeks ago was for an adorable dog underwater from the book Underwater Dogs. Little did I know at the time, the author/photographer, Seth Casteel has released a new book called Underwater Puppies. This took the cuteness level of a coffee table book sky high! There is a nice short interview of him on NPR describing what got Seth into photographing dogs and the tricky process for getting these photos, which includes teaching some of these puppies how to swim. Some of the photos from the book are below:




Pringles and Pickme

slide_368464_4224366_freeDoes this not make your heart yearn for a puppy in your life? It makes me want to throw Charlie in the water and see how she reacts (just kidding) 🙂

Any good books you have recently read or seen nice photography books that you would like to add to your collection?

Hannah Sheflyand

Right after Labor Day weekend, my house plants got the memo that summer has officially ended and they have all started dying. I knew it was inevitable but I hoped there would be a few more weeks of beautiful green colors and herby fragrances that would come from my window sill. The only reasonable thing to do is start shopping for some more plants 🙂

I have really enjoyed my air plants and the ease of care and would really like to get some more… etsy to the rescue!


This is a gorgeous stained glass air plant holder from Glassetc. I love the bright green and think it would be the perfect pop of color to help get through the gloomy winter.


I am slowly running out of wall space for hanging stuff and this will be the perfect solution since I can hang it right from the ceiling. I love the pop of the Pink on the sea urchins that PetitBeast offers.


Another great option when there is little wall space available. This terrarium from Waen doesnt have a pop of color like I am usually pulled to, but I love the neutral geometric shape and think it would look great on any ones office desk and perfect for storing an air plant.


This style of recycled barn wood is very close to the air plant holders I have now, which is a great reason to get another matching set like this one from Triple7recycled.

I know that there have been a lot of plant related posts but I am on kick when it comes to anything green and living in our apartment. I am dreading the cold grey winter to come and hope all these ideas will help keep our space colorful and full of life.

Have you done any plant shopping recently? Any other ideas to help liven up small apartment spaces?

Hannah Sheflyand

I am getting more and more excited as our sailing classes are coming up. I want to have the perfect outfit for the first day out on the water, and since I have the shoes covered, now I just have to worry about comfortable clothing.

Some of my ideas for outfits:


I like the classic, comfortable look of this outfit – Wrinkle Resistant Shirt $50, Stretch Pants $50



It would be great to wear a skort but then it might get chilly, the hoodie would be more comfortable but the cardigan is so cute- Hoodie $55, Skort $45 & Coveside Cardigan $65.



A sporty outfit with an awesome pop of color, Short sleeve crew neck $30, Slim leg capri $55

What do you think of the outfits? Which should I wear the first day out?

Hannah Sheflyand

I am in love with this online store. It is filled with specially crafted and styled bags, scarfs and robes. There is not a huge variety but the quality seems to be the most important aspect to their store. I mostly just love all the bright colors, maybe that is my new thing.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.55.58 PM

Matching Summer Hat $58

What do you think of the styles from this store? Adding it to your want list?

I am still dreaming about owning this jacket!

Hannah Sheflyand

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Living in the New York City area all my life, I didn’t notice how much lighter colors were missing in my wardrobe, until we visited South Carolina. Now I am always trying to find new pieces to add to my wardrobe that will add some pop. I am in love with this blazer from Zara and feel it is perfect for the spring.

What do you think? Do you ever feel that just one piece can change your whole wardrobe?