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The District Sleeps Alone Tonight- Postal Service

Hannah Sheflyand

One of the first records I bought for my self was Give Up by the Postal Service. The album is filled with melodic soothing music with a great instrumental background. I find its the perfect album to have playing when I have friends over and want something light in the background or when I am running around the apartment cooking or cleaning.

Until I listened to the Song Exploder podcast, I never really looked into the band or where the name came from. The band is composed of Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie) and Jimmy Tamborello and the name was chosen on how the songs were produced. The band members lived on opposite sides of the country and would send each other the edited songs through USPS. This album was released in 2003 and then re-issued with a few extra songs on their 10 yr Anniversary with a world tour.

This podcast episode through Song Exploder is an interview with Jimmy Tamborello as he breaks down the creation of The District Sleeps Tonight. I would highly recommend this podcast if you enjoy researching your music.

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