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Thoughts on Stationary

Hannah Sheflyand

Do you feel like all of your interactions with friends and family have become a bunch of texts and emails? I did not even notice it until recently when I started needing help with wedding planning. Texts are great for quick messages or little reminders but I have started to really enjoy spending even just a few minutes catching up on the phone. I was enjoying these conversations more and more that I started looking into getting myself a little stationary so I can start writing letters and show those that are most important to me that I took the extra effort to write a note to them.

Then Brian and I started looking for wedding stationary and wow was I blown away by everything out there. I am pretty happy that both of us wanted to go with something fairly simple so picking the stationary went quickly and smoothly. However for myself the options are limitless and I cant decide.

Garden & Gun wrote a great article on the etiquette of stationary for both him and her and what should be sitting on your desk. I thought it was a great starter to help figure out what I should order for me, and maybe Brian too 🙂

For Her: Thank you note on informal paper, formal paper with emblazoned monogram or full name & small note cards for gifts

For Him: Correspondence cards and full sheet papers with emblazoned full name

For a Couple: Correspondence cards and full sheet papers with emblazoned family crest or formal name & small note cards for gifts

I found a beautiful stationary company from North Carolina called Arzberger. Their wedding stationary was a little too fancy and outside of our budget for the wedding but I think their work is beautiful and am considering ordering our personal stationary from them. What I really love is that instead of just looking on samples online they offer samples to many different agents around the US so that you can actually hold and customize your stationary, they offer different papers, flat printing, embossing, foil stamping and die cutting.

Below are some pictures from the facility in Charlotte, NC:

Arzberger Stationers-13

Arzberger Stationers-8

Arzberger Stationers-7

Arzberger Stationers-6

Arzberger Stationers-2What do you think? Do you still write letters to friends or loved ones?

Do you thinks it is worth to spend extra money on getting something more personalized or are Hallmark cards just as sweet if they have the same message?



  1. Interesting… I had no idea that there was actually stationary etiquette! I love stationary and think there are some really pretty and cute things out there, but truth be told I don’t see myself using it because everything seems to be done electronically these days… plus, I just can’t really think of many people, if anyone, I would write a letter to.

    • We have some simple stationary cards that I’ll use from time to time. We stayed a weekend at my sisters a short while back so after the trip I wrote a quick ‘Thanks for letting us crash at your place’ note, did we need to write a thank you note? Probably not, but it was fun to do and I’m sure it was appreciated.

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