Perspectives of a Lady, Gentleman & Dane

Tonight is the Night- Outasight

Hannah Sheflyand

This is not my usual listen to music but for some reason this song was stuck in my head all weekend. Only then did I decide to look up the music video and it made me reminisce of college and too many parties and a lot of late fun nights. It was enjoyable to think about those times, but I am also very happy they are in the past.

I truthfully know very little about the one man band Outasite other then the whole album is filled with a lot of fun, catchy songs and most of it is free if your an Amazon Prime member (see here).

I hope listening to this song helps put a smile on your face and lets you reminisce of your last great night out, whether it was this past Saturday, a month ago, or even years ago. Either way its a fun listen.

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