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Update on our StandMixer

Hannah Sheflyand

Today is a very important day of remembrance for any American. I wrote in an earlier post about my feelings towards the events and the memorial/museum built in its place. I hope you can take a look before moving on to the rest of my post which is on a much lighter topic.

Our kitchen!

I love our KitchenAid StandMixer and have spent a lot of my free time with Brian experimenting in the kitchen with different desserts. I hope to include some new recipes soon. In the mean time I have started obsessing with all the attachments that can be added and the extra fun I could have if we got some. There are citrus juicers, pasta rollers, food grinders and this….

Standalone_1175X1290 (1)

Ice Cream Maker $100. How cool is this? Perfect for making homemade ice cream and all the recipes online seem pretty simple. Have you ever made your own ice cream?

Do you have a stand mixer at home? Any great gluten free recipes to share?

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