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Want List- More Plants!

Hannah Sheflyand

Right after Labor Day weekend, my house plants got the memo that summer has officially ended and they have all started dying. I knew it was inevitable but I hoped there would be a few more weeks of beautiful green colors and herby fragrances that would come from my window sill. The only reasonable thing to do is start shopping for some more plants 🙂

I have really enjoyed my air plants and the ease of care and would really like to get some more… etsy to the rescue!


This is a gorgeous stained glass air plant holder from Glassetc. I love the bright green and think it would be the perfect pop of color to help get through the gloomy winter.


I am slowly running out of wall space for hanging stuff and this will be the perfect solution since I can hang it right from the ceiling. I love the pop of the Pink on the sea urchins that PetitBeast offers.


Another great option when there is little wall space available. This terrarium from Waen doesnt have a pop of color like I am usually pulled to, but I love the neutral geometric shape and think it would look great on any ones office desk and perfect for storing an air plant.


This style of recycled barn wood is very close to the air plant holders I have now, which is a great reason to get another matching set like this one from Triple7recycled.

I know that there have been a lot of plant related posts but I am on kick when it comes to anything green and living in our apartment. I am dreading the cold grey winter to come and hope all these ideas will help keep our space colorful and full of life.

Have you done any plant shopping recently? Any other ideas to help liven up small apartment spaces?

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