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Wasted and Rollin’- Amanda Shires

Hannah Sheflyand

I hope everyone had a great past week and weekend. Our trip to Vermont was amazing and I will definitely post some stories and pictures this week.

Even though today we are just getting back to the groove of things I wanted to share a music post I have been thinking about for a while. I am not a huge fan of country music but the singer who has changed me around on that is Jason Isbell (which I have posted before here & here), and today’s post is all about his hugely talented wife, Amanda Shires.She might not have all the fame like her husband but she is an amazing songwriter and deserves a listen. Wasted and Rollin’ is a favorite of mine from her latest album Down Fell the Doves, but if you want to get an overall feel for her music Carrying Lightning is free for Amazon Prime Members (if you are a student Amazon Prime is free for the first 6 months).

P.S.- If you are in love with this country power couple as much as Brian and I are, then you should have a listen to an awesome interview they did with the podcast Death, Sex and Money.

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