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Weekend Away

Hannah Sheflyand

What a horribly long winter! I have been in such a rut when it comes to getting myself moving after all that bitter cold. Having Charlie motivates me to go for at least an hour walk (or when I am lazy a trip to the dog park) but I have not been enjoying any of it and felt maybe I just need a nice restart boost… some friends recommended just spending the weekend away and I agreed.

Charlie came along, but unfortunately Brian had to stay home and deal with work. It ended up a beautiful weekend away and just I what I needed. I drove up to a family home in the Catskill Mountains which is surrounded by great hiking trails. The first evening I just spent being lazy and cuddled up reading a book. The next morning, even with some brisk weather, the sun was slowly starting to come out Charlie and I set out. I went slowly but still got tired out pretty quick, Charlie was fresh with energy and enjoyed doing zoomies up and down the trails just happy to be off leash and out.

The second day we went for a longer and more intense hike where you travel just uphill to one of the highest peaks in the Catskill Mountains. Have you ever felt like giving up halfway through a workout or a run thinking maybe I should turn around now and next time I will push myself harder? Everytime I go with that instinct I regret it. I was happy I had Charlie and some friends to motivate me to just keep pushing because the end result was well worth it.

The Picture Doesn't Do Justice

This Picture Doesn’t Do Justice

When you reach the top there is just one big rock ledge and a seriously breathtaking view. Just 5 feet in any direction and there is just a dead drop down, it takes a few minutes to even just get over the nerves and fear of falling over.  I was happy to not be the only one a little frightened with the ledge.

Friends holding on tight in fear of falling over

Friends Holding on Tight in Fear of Falling Over

My heart finally stopped beating out of my chest as we sat down to relax on the sun warmed rocks and enjoyed a small picnic. Everyone re-hydrated (by the way I dont know how I ever hiked without this!!!) and rested…

Even Charlie Needed a Break

Even Charlie Needed a Break

Unfortunately then it was time to make the hike back, pack up and drive home. I am now rejuvenated and excited for warmer weather and the anticipation of many more exciting hikes with Charlie and friends. It is exciting to think that soon enough, after the move down south, we wont have to deal with these brutal weather changes.

What are your favorite outdoor activities that are most missed during cold weather months? I would love to get some more ideas for places to take Charlie or even to go solo.


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