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Weekend Getaway: Boston, MA

Hannah Sheflyand

As I am frantically trying to finish planning for my trip to Italy next week, I took a break over the weekend and went to Boston with Brian. Both Brian and I have visited before, but separately, and it was a long long time ago, so we thought it might be a fun weekend away. It was an easy 4 hour drive each way and the weather cooperated perfectly for us. We had a fun time just walking around and enjoying all that Boston has to offer. Here are some little tidbits if you decide to take a trip.


We stayed at the Hotel Marlowe Kimptom, which is actually in Cambridge. This hotel is just 5 minutes away from downtown Boston but is on the other side of the river so you have a beautiful view of the water, Bunker Hill Bridge and downtown Boston. The staff here is super friendly, and even though we didn’t bring Charlie with us this time, they do allow dogs free of charge.


Everyone recommended we eat fresh seafood while up in Boston. We were so happy to find Alive and Kicking Lobsters on a bike ride in Cambridge. This is a great little shack sandwiched by big buildings, we practically missed it first time around. They sell fresh uncooked seafood, and also soda, delicious soups and the best lobster sandwiches. No lobster roll could compare! Try it!


I usually am a huge planner for any trips, however this one got the worst of me, I planned absolutely nothing. Because of that our dinner did not go as planned. I was very excited to try Row34 which is supposed to be an amazing raw bar, but we didn’t make reservations and the wait was almost 2 hours. If you make it there, let me know how it is.


Have you heard of Quincy Market? This is a big popular one for tourists but a must stop when in town. The whole building is filled with food vendors, not the best food, but it is a great stop for a quick eat in between running around the city. When we visited the market last weekend, it was very busy with the lunch crowd so I would suggest coming on off hours. The outside street performers were amazingly entertaining though 🙂


After the market we accidentally walked into the heaven for new vinyl collectors, Newbury Comics. Of course we did not leave empty handed. This store is filled with anything music related, tons of comics, random clothing, and tons of little trinkets! I wish there was one of these stores in the NYC area.


I am not a huge fan of touristy things but a must stop and see and technically walk is the Freedom Trail Walking Tour. It can be done individually with a map or with a tour group. Either way it is great fun and a lot of interesting little stops on the way.

This was a spontaneous fun little getaway for us but we found it to be exciting and fun. Next time I hope to plan a little better and get to see more, like the MIT MuseumMuseum of Fine Arts and the Aquarium.

What do you think? Have you been to Boston and want to share any tips for our next trip back?

And if you need another weekend getaway idea….

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