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Weekend Getaway: Woodstock, NY

Hannah Sheflyand

I have been inspired after our short vacation to Vermont to write about some great weekend getaways. I always believed that for me to feel refreshed and count a getaway as a vacation I needed to travel far and exotically. Yes vacations far away are great, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the little weekend getaways Brian and I have taken and they have been a refreshing change of pace to our everyday hectic lives and I thought it would be great to share some of our favorites and the great things that await when you get there.

First up is Woodstock, NY up in the Catskill mountains. This is a perfect weekend retreat in the summer if you want to get away from the extreme heat of New York and is a great romantic getaway in the fall with all the color changes and fall scenery. Woodstock is about a 2-3 hour drive from NYC and the same for a bus ride from Port Authority ($56.00 Round-trip).

woodstock inn 2

Once you get up there, there are many accommodation options, just understand there are no 5 star hotels, but my favorite is definitely the Woodstock Inn on the Mainstream.

woodstock inn

The prices for rooms are great, there is plenty of gorgeous views from the inn and the biggest perk is that the inn is still very close to everything in town.


Before Brian and I book anything, we first look for the places we will be able to eat in town. The #1 must stop place in Woodstock is the Garden Cafe on the Green. All the food is local, organic, freshly prepared and most importantly, DELICIOUS!


Even though breakfast is provided at the inn, a great spot for something warm, comforting and yummy, Bread Alone is great to take a break and grab a loaf or pastry. Bread Alone now is sold all around New York State, but there is nothing compared to grabbing a fresh warm slice of bread from the direct source.


There are many great cafes all over town, and all in waking distance, but if your still stuck on where to go, my other favorites are Yum Yum Noodle Bar and Oriole9. The Noodle Bar is a romantic little shop with a great menu that changes daily depending on the fresh ingredients available. There is now a Yum Yum food truck and many more shops opening all over NY state. Oriole 9 is a great healthy restaurant, operated by a sweet couple who strive to keep all their ingredients local and organic, and have only delicious food leaving the kitchen. Have you noticed the pattern here with food?


If you want to just have a relaxing weekend without many plans then you will be more then satisfied with just hanging out near the inn or checking out the little shops in town and just relax. If you want something a little more intense then I would highly suggest hiking up Overlook Mountain. It starts at the Buddhist Temple which is also a great little stop, but continues up the mountain for about 2.5 miles until you hit the top where there is an abandoned hotel and a fun water tower to climb and an amazingly beautiful view.


Whether you go on the hike or not, there is always an excuse to spend a few hours at the spa and River Rock Spa is the place to stop at. This spa is not very big but it is intimate and super comfortable with many options for spa packages.

It is so hard to fit all of Woodstock into one weekend, I have now been multiple times and still cant get enough. I am hoping that Brian and I will go spend a weekend there in September and enjoy the fall weather at its best.

What do you think of Woodstock, NY? Have you been before, if not would you consider spending a day or two there?

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