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Weekend Ready?

Hannah Sheflyand

I am so excited to go spend this weekend in the Washington DC area. We are heading down for a weekend getaway and staying in Alexandria, VA so we can be close to the cherry blossom festivities all weekend long. Brian’s sisters also live in the area so we hope to get a little extra family time in as well. I am also hoping this warm weather stays through out the weekend and we get to spend a well longed for weekend outdoors.

We timed it pretty well so we will get to see this when we visit:



cherry_blossom_fest_jefferson_background_1I am so excited! What are your plans for the weekend, relaxing after the craziness last week or on to new adventures?


  1. I’m going to Washington next month! Do you have any suggestion of places, restaurants or bars that I should go?

    • You should def check out Range in DC for dinner. Get there early and feast upon a pigs head. Its amazingly delicious.
      If you enjoy gardens then Hillwood Museum is a beautiful stop and its in the middle of a huge park that you can go biking and hiking. If the weather is nice I always make a trip there.
      Have a blast!

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