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Window Ledge

Hannah Sheflyand

I went to the farmers market over the weekend looking for some new plants but there were not a lot of options.

I did find some organic herb plants and since I had to work with soil to plant the herbs into new pots, I decided it was time to repot my older plants as well. I also helped my mom work on her garden boxes which were filled with kale, garlic, tomatoes and squash. I never believed people who told me getting my hands dirty in soil is therapeutic… but they were right. I felt very calm and relaxed after my weekend filled with playing in the soil.


My cacti and other succulents


I am so happy that this ivy never dies


New plant in my collection


All my new herbs that I am very excited about: arugula, chives, basil & more

I am happy with how the window looks now with all the extra green. I am super excited though to have plants that I can incorporate into the kitchen. Hopefully I will find some more herb plants in the next few weeks and squeeze some more room on the ledge.

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  1. What is the name of your new plant? Why did you pick this one for your new plant? Thanks.

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