With the growth of technology and internet use, it seems like everyone is connected to the web in some form or another. This makes the digital landscape the perfect place for engaging customers and generating leads through digital marketing.

We know the first thing that comes to mind when marketing is revenue. That’s what ultimately generates your business after all. We’d be crazy to knock the need to gain revenue, but tracking revenue is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of effective digital marketing. 

Including revenue, here are five of the best benefits your company can gain from effective marketing.


No one would want to run an unproductive marketing campaign. Generating leads is a good start, but it doesn’t mean much if they’re never converted into customers. 

Digital marketing is deemed successful by its ability to increase your return on investment (ROI). Among the key metrics of ROI is the conversion rate. Although some marketing campaigns target getting customers in the lead funnel or building brand awareness, it should reflect in the numbers if a conversion is your primary target.

It’s easy to optimize your performance by examining interactions between your leads and campaigns. For example, you get to know how many people viewed your advertisement and how many people were engaged. 

Go beyond vanity metrics and take a look at click through rates and commitment actions to focus on nurturing leads that show an interest in your business. With such metrics, you can make the proper adjustments to increase your sales.


Being digitally active through creating valuable content is one sure way for your brand to gain credibility and establish a solid reputation. Most companies develop content to inform customers of their products and services and give them a detailed outlook of their business concept and operation. Although content marketing actively drives sales, its information also helps generate trust among the readers, making you a go-to source for their needs. If they trust your content, then they eventually may become customers. 

Plus, if you want to bring in some SEO and credibility ranking benefits, producing quality content can rank your company high in the search engine. Avoid stuffing your content with buzzwords and keywords to make it appear credible because search engine algorithms will catch that from a mile away. 

Creating authentic and relevant content gives your leads and customers another reason to trust you, especially if you rank high on search engines, making it a reference point in the market. Your social shares and subscription grow fast if your content offers solutions and answers pertinent questions around specific issues. What else can motivate buyers if not a credible source in the industry?

Going back to events for a moment, event marketing establishes authority even more. They give customers first-hand experience in interacting with your products and company. Most customers want to feel like they are building a relationship with people in a company, not a detached corporate entity. Events will give them exactly that and even a more mutually beneficial interaction.

brand recognition


In most cases, you can segment your target audience in digital marketing based on basic demographic information and their online activities. This can help you hone in on the exact buyer persona you are trying to reach and target your ads towards this segment. 

Plus, you can also determine what stage of the buying process users are in and design content and offers to avoid flooding new leads with information they weren’t sure they wanted. For example, you can nurture new subscribers to your blogs or websites through automated marketing until they are ready to purchase. 

This is also the perfect opportunity to market events towards customers that have already taken action with your company. Going to an event can reaffirm once again why they love your company. On the flipside, consider advertising towards leads by explaining how investing their time and money will provide them with a valuable and worthwhile experience to know your company. 


A satisfied customer is easy to retain. While racing to reach out to new customers, you should not neglect your existing customers because they are likely to purchase again and even recommend your services to others. Frequent communication is critical in customer retention. Some ways to keep your company at the top of your customers’ minds is through interacting in the following ways:


Creating informative, helpful, and highly engaging content in your social media channels will encourage your target audience to follow and subscribe to your channels and, if nurtured effectively, will become loyal customers.

Remember that you can’t expect much if you aren’t giving much. If you want your followers to interact with you, shouldn’t you also interact with them? Provide interactive content, ask questions, and encourage them to share your content. When they do, be sure to respond, whether through initially automated responses or a live response from your company. Don’t digitally ghost your followers. 


Email marketing generates one of the highest forms of ROI, making it one of the most effective forms of online marketing. This is the perfect place to focus on personalizing emails to recipients. Plus, you can also take advantage of marketing automation in response to actions such as subscribing or downloading content.

The more you learn about your customer's needs through their feedback and purchase history, the easier it is to send them personalized offers and discounts. They will not only feel appreciated but also will be more than willing to purchase.


The next step beyond digital marketing is to put it in action at an event. Organizing virtual or live events on your specific niche will motivate your customers to stick to your brand. Providing an unforgettable experience will not only help you keep current customers but also generate networking opportunities to gain new leads. 

Remember to make the event interactive. Have your attendees engage with live polls, games and awards, and host a Q&A with your speakers. These ideas are just the beginning. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating amazing events that will have your attendees talking for days afterwards and ready to sign up for your next event. 


We know it takes a lot of work and planning to bring your digital marketing to the next level. As a full-service marketing agency, we at the Marketing Orchard are ready to help you with all things marketing, creative, events, and strategy. Need to chat? Contact us today. 

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