In 2021, consumers are exposed to anywhere between 6,000 to 10,000 advertisements every day. With that much clutter, your company faces the danger of becoming disconnected from your consumers. 

How can you wade through all that clutter and connect with your target audience? Stories. 

Storytelling is essential to differentiating your company in the digital world. Here are four ways that stories can change your approach to digital marketing:


Storytelling is one of the oldest traditions to connect people. Even in your company, creating a story is still an effective way to connect with your customers. 

As consumers, we want to associate ourselves that extend a human connection to us through their stories. Plus, we use stories to be understood, so shouldn't your company want to be better understood by its consumers too? 

Tugging at your consumer’s heartstrings with your story will make your brand resonate with your consumers more than simply relaying your company history. Why? Well, two reasons:

  1. People are more likely to base decisions off of emotions rather than logic. This means that building an emotional connection with a consumer through your story will foster empathy towards the company. 

  2. Humans are more apt to remember the connections that they find in stories because our brains comprehend stories differently than cold hard facts and statistics. While your company may be able to provide a plethora of facts to back up your success, this won’t resonate as much with consumers because our brains process stories more effectively than facts alone. 


With so many companies vying for consumer attention, it becomes difficult to get through the clutter and create a meaningful relationship with consumers.

It isn’t about bombarding consumers with even more clutter. Yes, your ad may be eye-catching for a moment, but without a story, nothing separates it from any of the clutter that consumers scroll through every day. 

Capturing a consumer’s attention with a story relevant to your company will help them associate your story with your brand. By building a solid story around your company, you are creating the foundation for a cohesive brand identity. 

Through a story, you tie your brand to a specific set of images, values, and what makes your company unique. Rather than creating clutter, you create a narrative that causes a consumer to stop and care about your company.

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Aiming to create a story with your target audience in mind helps you understand who exactly you are trying to reach. Stories that work with one audience won’t resonate the same way with another audience. 

This is the time to take your story and put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer. Consider questions like these:

What would make your story stand out?

What will make them motivated to find out more about your company?

How do you want them to react to your story?

What is the "why" of your company? 

Keeping questions like these in mind will ensure that you are attracting the right target audience while also staying true to the message of your company. 


We are passionate about attracting, engaging, and delighting target audiences to create meaningful relationships. 

In order for your company to create these relationships, everyone in your company needs to be on the same page. Your story is your mission statement. It is the why that drives every department in your company to do what they do. 

This mission statement becomes the core of everything that company stands for, and as a result, is at the core of the story that you share with consumers.


There are a lot of components involved in creating a great story that connects with your target audience and builds your ideal image. As an on-demand creative service marketing agency, Marketing Orchard is here to make your big ideas a reality and create the story that defines your company. Contact us today to chat. 

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